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14th International Chitin and Chitosan Conference in Osaka

Published on Category: News

The 14th International Chitin and Chitosan Conference (14th ICCC) & 12th Asia‐Pacific Chitin and Chitosan Symposium (12th APCCS) is held in Osaka, Japan from 27th to 30th August, 2018. Together with the 32nd Japanese Society for Chitin and Chitosan Conference (32nd JSCCC). Heppe Medical Chitosan is looking forward on new input on research and development about chitin and chitosan, as well as the fascinating culture of Japan.

Chitosan as pH-switchable emulsifier

Published on Category: Scientific news - Chitin and Chitosan

An emulsion which is stabilized by solid particles absorbing onto the interface between the two phases is called a pickering emulsion. The particles prevent coalescence of the droplets. The development of particulate emulsifiers is highly interesting with many advantages over conventional surfactant systems. Beneficial are the higher stability, better size control and lower toxicity. In this research area the application of chitosan for development of pickering emulsions is promising.

Congress and fairs

Meet us in person 2018:

  • ICCC (14th International Chitin and Chitosan Conference) 27. - 30. August, Osaka (Japan)
  • CPHI 9. – 11. October 2018, Madrid (Spain)
  • Medica 12. - 15. November, Düsseldorf (Germany)

To arrange an appointment please contact Katja Richter via sales(a)


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