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Next EUCHIS Webinar on chitin/chitosan starts on May 25th 2021, 11CET

Published on Category: Company news


The European Chitin Society (EUCHIS) hosts an interesting webinar series about current chitin and chitosan related research topics, every last Tuesday of a month.
Next webinar on May 25 by Prof. Vincent Eijsink and Tadeja Katan.

Vincent Eijsink
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Lytic Polysaccharide MonoOxygenases (LPMOs): how chitin helped to change our views on enzymatic biomass conversion

Tadeja Katan
Graz University of Technology
Chitosan thin films for in situ glycopeptide synthesis


Extraction of chitin from insects

Published on Category: Scientific news - Chitin and Chitosan

Tags: chitosan, chitin, insects, raw material source, deacetylation, production

Commercial extraction of chitin is mainly from the shells of crustaceans such as snow crabs. Fungi and insects are alternative sources of chitin, which are poorly usable so far. The expansion of insect farming for animal feed production in recent years has increased the availability of insect biomass. In the following, we present a review that provides an overview of recently published studies on the extraction of chitin from insects and its conversion to chitosan.

Biocompatibility assessment of medical devices in 4 steps - FDA recommendations

Published on Category: Scientific news - Chitin and Chitosan

Tags: Biocompatibilty, FDA, medical device

Biological assessment or testing of the biocompatibility of medical devices is an essential part of conformity assessment. But how do I properly and efficiently assess the biocompatibility of my medical device? The FDA has published new recommendations for assessing the biocompatibility of medical devices.

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