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Microfluidics for the production of chitosan-TPP nanoparticles

Microfluidics can precisely control the physiochemical properties of nanoparticles by mixing to the nanoliter. For this reason, nanoparticles for the transport of peptide drugs are to be developed in the study presented here with the help of chitosan from Heppe Medical Chitosan GmbH.

Improved chitosan nerve conduits through crosslinking

Artificially produced nerve conduits are promising alternatives to autologous nerve grafts in the treatment of damaged nerves. In this study, the physiochemical properties of chitosan/poly-ε-caprolactone nerve conduits will be improved by using the chitosan crosslinker genipin.

Bimetallic chitosan microgels

The use of microgels is one way of biomimetically mimicking tissue. In the presented study, chitosan microgels will be functionalized with Zn (II) and Cu (II) ions to improve their physicochemical properties.

World first chitosan molecular weight standards!

At EUCHIS 2023, HMC is launching chitosan standards for the first time. ,,We are proud to finally offer a reliable standard for molecular weight analysis'', says Katja Richter, Managing Director of Heppe Medical Chitosan. This means that researchers and customers no longer need to compare chitosans with other substances such as pullulan or PEG/PEO for molecular weight analysis. Now reliable chitosans can be used. No approximations. No thinking about whether they are the right, reliable results. Reliable chitosans for excellent research and outstanding pharmaceutical products. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The EUCHIS 2023 is starting!

After traveling the beautiful landscape of Iceland, our Chitosan crab is now on its way to Siglufjörður for EUCHIS 2023. We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone again and are excited about the scientific exchange. Besides Chitosan and our crab, we have great news in our luggage. Stay tuned!

Katja Richter in the scientific committee of the EUCHIS conference 2023

We are very pleased to announce that Katja Richter, CEO of Heppe Medical Chitosan GmbH, has been appointed to the scientific committee of EUCHIS 2023. EUCHIS 2023, the International Conference of the European Chitin Society (EUCHIS 2023) and the 15th International Conference on Chitin and Chitosan (15th ICCC) will be held in Siglufjörður, Iceland, from September 11-14, 2023.

Chitosan research in 2019

In 2019, many interesting and innovative research articles about chitosan and chitosan derivatives were published. In this article we present you an overview which chitosan reserach topics were important in 2019.

Publications with chitosan and chitosan derivatives by HMC in 2018

Worldwide, our chitosan and chitosan derivatives are used in research. We created a list of scientific articles published in 2018 using chitosan from HMC. Nanoparticles from chitosan or chitosan derivatives were most frequently produced and tested for a wide variety of applications, mainly directed drug delivery and tissue engineering. Curious where to find chitosan by HMC in research?

Congress and fairs

Meet us in person 2024:

  • 14th PBP World Meeting/ Research Pharm, Vienna, Austria, 18.-21.03.2024
  • EPNOE Workshop on Analytics of Polysaccharides, ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, 25.-26.06.2024
  • CPHI, Milan, Italy, 08.-10.10.2024
  • MEDICA 2024, Düsseldorf, Germany, 11.-14.11.2024

To arrange an appointment please contact Katja Richter via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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