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Scientific news - Chitin and Chitosan

HMC 0309 185In this rubric we present you scientific news from the world of chitin and chitosan. Monthly you can find recent publications. We hope to arouse your interest in this biopolymer or to help you out. If you have any comments or if you do chitin or chitosan research and you want to publish your article on this page, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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August 2017 - electrospun chitosan nanofibers

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In August, 320 articles about chitosan and chitosan derivatives were published in various scientific journals (PubMed). Seven of these articles are dedicated to the exciting topic of electrospun chitosan nanofibers. For generation of nanofibrous structures in tissue engineering, electrospinning is a simple and inexpensive technology. Electrospun nanofiber non-woven mats are highly porous and offer a large surface area. The biocompatible, biodegradable and bacteriostatic chitosan is perfectly suitable for creation of nanofibers and application as scaffold material.

Viral safety of chitosan

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What about the viral safety of chitosan? Here, we would like to present an interesting publication about the viral safety of chitosan. Chitosan can be applied as a virus-free biopolymer for medical products in human, as the deacetylation process of chitin is sufficient for virus inactivation, shown by Park et al (2015). The researchers from Korea used chitin from Heppe Medical Chitosan to show that viruses are efficiently inactivated during the deacetylation process from chitin to chitosan.

Publications in July 2017 - Chitosan implants for regenerative medicine

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Regenerative medicine is looking for structures to support the self-healing capacities of the human body. The implant scaffolds need to induce cell proliferation and promote reformation of the tissue. To create high-performance implants, adjustable degradation rates of the biomaterials, interconnected pores and functional surfaces are important. Due to their unique characteristics, chitosans are perfectly suitable to fulfill those requirements of regenerative medizin, due to their unique characteristics. In the following, we want to present you two highly interesting studies from research in this field.

Publications in May 2017 - Functional coatings with chitosan

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Functional coatings are applied to improve resistance of implants like artificial heart valves or coronary stents against various impacts in the human body. One problem is the formation of biofilms on the implant surface, which limits communication of the implant with the surrounding area and might induce inflammatory reactions. In addition, nature of the implant material can promote the formation of blood clots, which leads to blocked arteries.

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