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Chitosan-based matrix as a carrier for bacteriophages

Due to the increasing occurrence of bacterial resistance, alternatives to antibiotics are urgently needed. The study presented here therefore aims to develop an antimicrobial chitosan film loaded with bacteriophages.

Aromatic derivative of chitosan improves regenerative properties

The antioxidant, bacteriostatic and antinflammatory properties of chitosan ensure that it is highly suitable for regenerative medicine applications such as wound dressings. In the presented study, a chitosan derivatized via a Schiff base is introduced to further improve these properties.

Chitosan-based multilayer films as wound dressings

Chronic wounds represent a major burden on the quality of life of those affected. To improve their situation, multilayer films of chitosan, alginate and the fibroblast growth factor FGF2 were prepared in the presented study and their potential as wound dressings was investigated.

Effects of the addition of chitosan in the base of dentures

Good dentures are becoming increasingly important as the population ages. Conventional materials for the base of dentures are often porous and thus susceptible to deformation or microbial colonization. To prevent this, chitosan is added to polymethyl methacrylate resin in the presented study.

Antibacterial, multifunctional hydrogel based on carboxymethylchitosan

Hydrogels can have versatile applications in biomedicine by forming a 3D network. In the study presented here, an antibacterial, adhesive, self-repairing hydrogel was prepared from carboxymethylchitosan (CMC) and oligomeric polycyanidin (OPC) and the influence of OPC content was investigated.

Chitosan-based biodegradable antibacterial masks

Medical masks proved effective in protecting against the virus during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, conventional masks are poorly biodegradable. For this reason, the presented paper produced environmentally friendly chitosan/silver/plant fiber membranes for masks, which also exhibited antibacterial and thermal properties.

Chitosan in the therapy against diabetic ulcers

Around one third of all type-2 diabetes sufferers develop diabetic foot ulcers in the course of their disease. Due to biofilm formation and multi-resistant bacteria, inflammation occurs in 50% of those affected. This article presents a study investigating the treatment of these with chitosan-containing metallic nanoparticles coupled to toluidine blue as a photosensitizer.

Chitosan and current challenges in the fight against antibiotic resistence

The importance of antibiotics remains undiminished today. However, antibiotic resistance is increasing and few new agents are being discovered that can bypass them. In the following article, a chitosan-based nanomaterial was therefore developed that exploits the antimicrobial effect of chitosan to eliminate Salmonella typhimurium.

Chitosan Research in 2018

Also in 2018, scientists around the world have been feverishly researching chitosan in a variety of applications. Often involved is chitosan of highest quality, produced by Heppe Medical Chitosan. At the end of the year, we would like to present articles in which HMC Chitosan has been researched for removal of drugs in water and antibacterial action.

Publications in June 2017 - Chitosan-based coatings for dental implants

The development of a strong bond between implant surface and the surrounding bone substance, called osseointegration is important for successful integration of a dental implant. The coating of dental implants with chitosan is a promising approach to enable an accelerated and improved integration. In the following, we present two publications about chitosan-based coatings for dental implants.

Publications in March 2017 - antimicrobial activity of chitosan

In March 2017, 215 articles were released about chitosan and chitosan derivatives. The top three nations in chitosan research are China (59), India (32) and USA (27). Main focuses were nanoparticels, evaluation studies and pharmaceutical preparations.

Publications in January and February 2014

At the beginning of 2014, a variety of highly interesting chitosan-related articles were released by scientists from all over the world. All in all, 281 novel articles have been published, which promise new insights into the diversity of the biopolymer. The most successful nations in the field of chitosan research are again China publishing 88 articles, USA 33 reports and India contributed 23 articles.

Efficiency of Chitosan in toothpaste

Nitin Mohire and Yadav Adhikrao of the Government College of Pharmacy in Vidyanagar, India developed a herbal chitosan toothpaste and tested its efficiency. Read more about the results of their four-week clinical trial.

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