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Publications and reviews with chitosan in 2022

According to HMC research (PubMed, Jan. 20, 2023), a total of 3097 publications with chitosan in the title were published in 2022. Of these, 151 were reviews with a wide variety of applications of chitosan. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the publications and briefly introduce five of the reviews. Enjoy reading!

Of the 3097 published research articles with chitosan in the title, 151 of them were reviews. These were published in 60 different journals. Carbohydrate Polymers (24) was the most common, followed closely by the International journal of biological macromolecules (24), Polymers (Basel) (15) and Marine Drugs (8). The reviews dealt with different topics, such as nanoparticles (23), drug transport (17), wound healing (9) or tissue engineering (9). In the following, we would like to present five of the reviews briefly.

Pellis, A.; Guebitz, G.M.; Nyanhongo, G.S. Chitosan: Sources, Processing and Modification Techniques. Gels 2022, 8, 393.

In their review, Pellis and al. provide a general overview of the extraction of chitosan and its properties. In addition to the influence of the chitin source on the properties of the chitosan, various applications for chitosans are discussed. Furthermore, the review summarizes which influence DA, DDA and molecular weight has on the physiochemical properties of chitosan. Overall, the goal of the review is to provide researchers with guidance on how to select the appropriate chitosan for their specific applications.

Notario-Pérez, F.; Martín-Illana, A.; Cazorla-Luna, R.; Ruiz-Caro, R.; Veiga, M.D. Applications of Chitosan in Surgical and Post-Surgical Materials. Mar. Drugs 2022, 20, 396. 10.3390/md20060396.

The review by Notario-Pérez et al. summarizes the use of chitosans in surgery and as post-surgical materials. In addition to the use of chitosans as, for example, sponges, wound dressings, networks, or membranes, various applications of chitosans in tissue regeneration are discussed.  Examples are nerve, bone or connective tissue regeneration.

Tzeng, H.-P.; Liu, S.-H.; Chiang, M.-T. Antidiabetic Properties of Chitosan and Its Derivatives. Mar. Drugs 2022, 20, 784. 10.3390/md20120784.

In their review, Tzeng et al. present the antidiabetic and glucose-lowering properties of chitosan. In addition to an overview of current research, insight is provided into the mechanism and application of chitosan and its derivatives in diabetes-related clinical trials. In addition, the safety of chitosan and its derivatives in medical devices and pharmaceuticals is discussed.

Genedy, H.H.; Delair, T.; Montembault, A. Chitosan Based MicroRNA Nanocarriers. Pharmaceuticals 2022, 15, 1036. ph15091036.

The review by Genedy et al. summarizes mRNA chitosan formulations developed over the last 10 years and compares them in terms of material, formulation process, and potential application. In addition, possible optimization factors are discussed.

Sivanesan, I.; Hasan, N.; Muthu, M.; Blessing, G.; Gopal, J.; Chun, S.; Shin, J.; Oh, J.-W. Exploring the Impact of Chitosan Composites as Artificial Organs. Polymers 2022, 14, 1587.

In their review, Sivanesan et al. discuss the use of chitosans in artificial organs. For this purpose, they first summarize the use of chitosans in tissue engineering and give an overview of the application of chitosans in artificial organs. In addition, the improvement of these is discussed.

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