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Chitosan in soft actuators for artificial muscles

Imitating natural drive systems is a major challenge in robotics. One approach to this is polymer hydrogels that contain chitosan, for example, and can be spun into fibers using electrospinning.

August 2017 - electrospun chitosan nanofibers

In August, 320 articles about chitosan and chitosan derivatives were published in various scientific journals (PubMed). Seven of these articles are dedicated to the exciting topic of electrospun chitosan nanofibers. For generation of nanofibrous structures in tissue engineering, electrospinning is a simple and inexpensive technology. Electrospun nanofiber non-woven mats are highly porous and offer a large surface area. The biocompatible, biodegradable and bacteriostatic chitosan is perfectly suitable for creation of nanofibers and application as scaffold material.

Congress and fairs

Meet us in person 2024:

  • 14th PBP World Meeting/ Research Pharm, Vienna, Austria, 18.-21.03.2024
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  • CPHI, Milan, Italy, 08.-10.10.2024
  • MEDICA 2024, Düsseldorf, Germany, 11.-14.11.2024

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